A Response from Faith in Marriage Equality to the Bishop of Kilmore

A statement (Sunday 10th) by the the Bishop of Kilmore, Bishop Leo Reilly in opposition to same sex civil marriage has been challenged by the group Faith in Marriage Equality (FiME).

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Faith in Marriage Equality(FiME) spokesperson Dr Richard O’Leary said that:
Travelling through the north west last week I met many Catholics who disagreed with Bishop Reilly’s opposition to same sex civil marriage. As part of the ‘Atlantic Way Pilgrimage for Yes’ we distributed faith for yes literature so that Catholics can be fully informed before they decide how to vote. Catholics after careful reflection may in good conscience decide to vote Yes to civil marriage equality”.
Bishop Reilly expresses concerns which are unfounded about hypothetical discrimination against teachers should there be a Yes vote. We would encourage him to empathise with the actual discrimination and inequality experienced by gay people which will continue if there is a No vote. We hope that this Sunday May 17th Bishop Reilly will acknowledge in churches in his diocese the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. We are pleased to report that it will be acknowledged in the Church of Ireland parish church in Manorhamilton at a special service at 3pm. The speaker will be the rector, the Revd Brendan McCarthy.
Faith in Marriage Equality (FiME), which is calling for a Yes vote, is supported by a range of faith organisations including the Catholic groups ‘We are Church Ireland’ and ‘Gay Catholic Voice Ireland’ and the Church of Ireland group ‘Changing Attitude Ireland’.

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