Enigma – In The Spotlight

“Enigma: a person or thing that is mysterious or difficult to understand

…but not impossible! So why not join us and help celebrate Pride!”

Wanna learn a little more…?

Beware Of You
BEWARE OF YOU | Alternative Pop-Punk

Formed in early 2015, Beware of You is made up of 5 musicians who have all come from previous music and drama endeavours, who are out to bring the show to you! They are not a band to abide by the now standard 12-foot gap normally seen at Irish shows! If you don’t come front and center they will bring the show down to you.

Style and genre: Alternative Pop-Punk / Post-Hardcore.


LE-YH Cian
LE:YH – Light Everything : Young Hearts

Cian Cowley, aka LE:YH – Light Everything: Young Hearts – is a new performer making a name for himself on the Irish busking scene. Influences include; Ed Sheeran, Passenger, Taylor Swift, Conor Hamilton, The Midnight Dilemma, Sam Brookes, Alice Kiernan, Beware Of You. Listen to “Hitch Hike” for free on my Bandcamp: http://leyh.bandcamp.com/releases

Style and Genre: Genre: Indie/Acoustic Rock


Joey's Hope
Joey’s Hope

Joey,s Hope describe themselves as, “just another Irish band, we write songs that attempt to allow people to enjoy nice music with meaningful lyrics, and to get ya chilled and thinking”. Hailing from Fenagh these guys may be down as the ‘warm-up’ act but don’t underestimate them! 😉


Just in case you are worried – the folks here will be chaperoned by the one and only by Drag-DJ Roxanne Dirte. 🙂


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