Vigil in Solidarity with Orlando


We are heartbroken at the senseless loss of life in Orlando, FL. where 53 people have lost their lives when a homophobic gunman opened fire, taking many hostage. Many more remain injured and hurt following the attack.

So many happy, carefree people just living their lives trying to create safe spaces for themselves and others, celebrating LGBTIQ Pride.

We would like to invite any of our friends in Leitrim or the surrounding areas to join us by the Town Clock (opposite the Market Yard).

Meeting at 3.00pm, with ceremony to begin at 3.30pm approx. Words read by Members of 8 Rays Leitrim, followed by words from the community and lighting of Remembrance Candle with 1-minute silence.

We will have a Book of Condolences with us you can sign if you so choose.

We have created a Facebook Event listing on our page which you can click HERE to be redirected to. Please invite yourselves and anyone you may know who’d like to show their support to those in Orlando.



One thought on “Vigil in Solidarity with Orlando

  1. Reblogged this on Niall Jordan and commented:
    I really just felt something needed to be done to mark the occasion in the Leitrim area. Clearly others felt likewise, we had a lot of requests to hold it later in the week so we shall. Please do join us.


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