Sligo Pride 2016 hosted by SAGA Sligo

SLIGO PRIDE 2016 Hosted by SAGA Sligo. Festival runs from the 11th – 14th August, 2016.

SAGA Sligo aims to promote and oversee the running of the Sligo Pride Festival, which is being held on August 11 – August 14, 2016.

SAGA Sligo warmly welcomes you to Sligo Pride 2016, a newly formed LGBTIQ+ Pride in the north-west of Ireland. Based in the beautiful surroundings of Sligo Town this annual festival of inclusion and celebration of LGBTIQ+ identity in Sligo Town is open to everyone. The festival will be launched on Thursday, August 11 and run until Sunday, August 14, 2016, with a number of events in the lead up to Parade Day on Saturday, August 12.

Sligo Pride 2016 poster
Sligo Pride 2016 – poster

DAY 1: Thurday Events

  • To launch the festival on Thursday, August 11, SAGA Sligo will host a Banner and Costume Workshop from 2pm until 6pm allowing people to creatively show their involvement with Pride with banners and t-shirts which they can then use however they wish!

DAY 2: Friday Events

  • On Friday, August 12, Sligo Pride will be hosting Pride Pink Friday in Tricky McGarrigles, O’Connell St., Sligo. Pink Friday, est. by ITS LGBT, has been running successfully in Sligo for the past 8 months and quickly become a stable of the local LGBTIQ+ community.
  • Shortly, following Pride Pink Friday we have have Post Pink Friday Cocktail Party to close the night out before Saturday’s Parade! Tickets to this event will be handed out on the door of Tricky McGarrigle’s – so you need to be there early!

DAY 3: Saturday Events

  • The main event for Sligo Pride will of course be Parade Day or Sligo Pride Parade on Saturday, August 13! The theme of the parade this year is “SAGA Pride” to show acceptance for the variety of sexualities and gender identities. Express yourself in YOUR Pride! Marchers will be seen gathering outside Sligo City Hall from 2pm to begin their march throughout the streets of Sligo.
  • SAGA Sligo Pride 2016 HMV Soundgarden: is PRIDE NIGHT for Sligo Pride 2016! There will be a night of music and dancing in HMV Soundgarden, with music by Perennial Halt to kickstart the night. Followed by performance by Aoife Grennan and her Band. Join DJ Kenny G upstairs to follow the party into the wee hours! Ticket Price: €8/10 on the night.

DAY 4: Sunday Events

  • Looking to wind down come Sunday, August 14? We have just the ticket with Qrunch – our Queer Lunch in Osta Cafe & Wine Bar at 3pm. Everyone is welcome to pop in and enjoy the delicious selection of food in this beautiful waterside location in the heart of Sligo so bring your friends, old and new, or treat last night’s date to a brunch that will impress even the choosiest of us.

To learn more about SAGA Sligo, plans for events and activities, or to volunteer to help with the festival organisers, contact Perry Runciman-Farrell at (083) 843 3461 or email,, or visit SAGA Sligo Pride page on Facebook: HERE.

About SAGA Sligo:

SAGA Sligo stands for Sexuality And Gender Acceptance Sligo. SAGA aims to be open and inclusive of all and as such we wish this same spirit of acceptance for Sligo and the surrounding areas.
Saga Sligo is a new non profit organisation which has been set up to help the LGBTIQ+ community in Sligo to establish regular social events, activities and to help coordinate the annual Sligo Pride Festival.

About Sligo Pride 2016:

Sligo Pride 2016 is the first annual Sligo Pride Festival and is hosted by members of SAGA Sligo for members of the LGBTIQ+ community, their families, friends and allies in Sligo and the surrounding areas.

The Sligo Pride Festival aims to reflect the diversity within the LGBTIQ+ community by encouraging positive participation from the community. Sligo Pride is a volunteer lead, not-for-profit festival in Sligo Town, which receives it’s ordinances and governance from SAGA Sligo.

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