Sligo Pride needs your Support!

A note from the organisers of Sligo Pride 2016, SAGA Sligo…

About Sligo Pride 2016:

Sligo Pride 2016 is the first annual Sligo Pride Festival and is hosted by members of SAGA Sligo for members of the LGBTIQ+ community, their families, friends and allies in Sligo and the surrounding areas.

The Sligo Pride Festival aims to reflect the diversity within the LGBTIQ+ community by encouraging positive participation from the community. Sligo Pride is a volunteer lead, not-for-profit festival in Sligo Town, which receives it’s ordinances and governance from SAGA Sligo.

SAGA Sligo Pride via

We are raising money for Sligo Pride and events throughout the year for the LGBTIQ+ (SAGA community) which means Sexuality And Gender Acceptance. So we can create a safe place for the SAGA community to meet and socialise and also bring business/tourism to Sligo Town.

We have plenty of plans for the future but can’t do this without funding. We are a non-profit organisation which relies on the support of public donations.

We hope we can rely on your support thank you in advance and look forward to all the amazing events over the next couple of months hopefully years

Help spread the word!


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