Location Lotto – Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award!

location-lottoLocation Lotto has been shortlisted for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award this year and they need your help to promote their wonderful work! So far, Location Lotto, has raised over €8,000 for Charity, with a further €8,000 for local Winners.

All they need is your support by “Liking” and “Sharing”their Facebook page, found HERE.

Read below for a short piece on who and what they do below:

Location Lotto is a new innovative way that you can give back to your local community while rewarding you as a player. Players can win a large jackpots every week. Our weekly lottery guarantees a winner every time a draw is made, while ensuring that a generous sum is awarded to a charity with every ticket that is played.

Location Lotto is Ireland’s first Guaranteed Winner, Community Focused, Charitable Lottery. We match 100% of the weekly jackpot and let the Weekly Winner choose which charity or cause that will receive this benefit. We believe with a little extra help charities and causes can make a big difference to You, Your Family and Your Community.

Charities and Causes are very important to Location Lotto and giving to where it is needed is our aim. By empowering and enabling you the player, to select where this contribution goes, means you can see the immediate impact of what a little difference can do for some of the great people working tirelessly everyday in all the wonderful charities and causes throughout Ireland.

Every Ticket that is played makes a difference. You are that difference. Play and Win today! When You Win, Everyone Wins!

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