The Rabbit Riot Theatre Co. present Where We Are Now Festival

Where We Are Now banner

The Rabbit’s Riot Theatre Company presents, ‘Where We Are Now Festival’ – the North-West of Ireland’s first LGBT+ Theatre Festival in Sligo. Happening from June 8-10, 2017, the festival is fast gearing up to be an exciting addition to the LGBTI+ community in the North-West.

We are looking for people who would like to volunteer in any capacity. We also are looking for people who may want to direct, perform or work backstage in the plays we select! You can even be involved in the plays selection if you wish, volunteer during the festival or just come see what its all about! We are all very determined to make this festival a success and hopefully it can become a annual event.

If you wish to get involved, know people who would, don’t hesitate to email us or contact us on our various social media channels. If you have any ideas or want to get involved in a more hands on way, we’d love to meet with you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Have a lovely day!

​Co-founded in March 2016 by designer & director Sonia Norris and playwright & actor Treasa Nealon, The Rabbit’s Riot Theatre Company aims to create thought-provoking & emotive theatre using old & new writing.

For a list of current productions visit HERE.

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