Protest Walk on Leinster House in support of healthcare for Trans* people

Meeting at Merrion Square West at 2pm (14:00) for briefing, followed by a march to Leinster House. 

RSVP on Facebook HERE

Trans* Flag

For those whom aren’t aware, healthcare for binary trans people and non binary people in Ireland is woefully unacceptable and is far behind the majority of the developed world.

All people under the trans umbrella in Ireland are being subjected to woefully unacceptable treatment (or refused treatment altogether) when it comes to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and gender reassignment surgeries.

As a result of our outdated and unacceptable procedures when it comes to trans healthcare, people are being left on waiting lists of up to 2 years (and longer in many cases) to receive their required treatment. Some being denied treatment altogether.

All doctors (GP’s included) are qualified to prescribe HRT, yet, only two (HSE employed) consultants in the entire country will do so. Not only this, but these consultants will only accept the unwarranted “diagnosis” from an equal number of psychiatrist/clinical psychologist.

These waiting lists are as a result of continuous cancelled clinics by these consultants, an unwillingness for qualified physicians to prescribe HRT and the outdated but enforced medical/diagnostic model enforced by the HSE, and these few consultants.

The trans community as a whole, would benefit greatly from Ireland engaging with the current model of informed consent and gender identity clinics, adopted by the majority of the developed world.

People are dying as a result of the shortcoming of the Irish government in denying/unnecessarily delaying treatment for people whom are desperately in need.

Please come along to the protest for improved healthcare services for the transgender community to help improve the lives of the tens of thousands of trans/nb people in Ireland.

NOTE: This is a grassroots protest/campaign, began, organised and run by two independent members of the community. Noah Halpin and Luke Daly.
We have wonderful support from some wonderful organisations, but questions and comments should always be directed towards the two named organisers.

**”*Transgender” in title used as umbrella term covering all people of all gender identities within the trans community in Ireland.

***Media enquiries to or

****Please be aware that media outlets/cameras may be in attendance.

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