Precisionism – Where We Are Now Theatre Festival

Precisionism WWAN18.jpg

1925. New York. A city run on drink and drugs, sex and jazz.

A criminal kingpin vanishes, leaving behind his top lieutenants, an empire of vice and a tantalisingly vicious rumour. Pull up a seat, surrounded by forbidden delights, inches from the gaping jaws of death.

The award winning Old Sole Theatre Company presents Precisionism by James Neale; a play exploring identity, sexuality and the honour of criminals. An intimate incite into the hidden history of the queer community in a city dancing recklessly on the precipice of disaster.


  • Saturday, May 5th @ 4.00pm
  • Saturday, May 5th @ 8.00pm
  • Sunday, May 6th @ 8.00pm


Upstairs Anderson’s Bar & Grill
Kempton Promenade,
Abbeyquarter North,


Via Eventbrite listings on the Facebook Event page.


Old Sole Theatre Company formed in 2014 with aspirations similar to most emerging theatre companies; to create exciting and engaging work. Since then we have honed our ethics and practice, questioning where we sit on the theatrical spectrum.

And the answer is – we don’t.

We evolve with each project. The work we invest in has greater significance than any fixed company identity or specific avenue of theatre. We create work with speed and energy, reflecting the pace of the modern world.

Inspiration comes from anywhere – from breaking news, to an ancient myth; from a tweet, to a rap; a tune, a phrase, a beat. We’re a group with insatiable appetites for possibility, working unbound by time, space and circumstance. Old Sole aims to create original work that is immediate, energetic and fearless.

We champion the art of collaboration. Our core members, creative associates and those who work with us all strive toward the same goals:

To meet ♦ To share ♦ To build ♦ To dare ♦ To change.

Come early to guarantee a seat!

About the Festival

Where We Are Now is a theatre festival celebrating works written by and about those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender.

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