Accessing PrEP a brief Overview

Red Ribbon for HIV/AIDS Awareness

8 Rays Leitrim has wanted to signpost information on the availability of PrEP or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis in Ireland ever since the Government made room through the HSE services for generic brand of PrEP called either Teva or Mylan to be accessible through Irish pharmacies.

This news is undoubtedly good news as reports of HIV transmission in Ireland show an increase as members of the Irish community now have more options open to them to add to their decisions around safer-sex. Condoms and other forms of safer-sex are of course still advised and indeed some early accounts of people already using PrEP suggest that the trend is not only for more frequent testing (once every three months is recommended) but that users of PrEP are making the decision to use condoms in conjunction with PrEP.

We will be looking into better information with clearer statistics in time here, especially as they relate to those of us in the North-West, but for now please check out the websites;, ActUp Dublin as well as HIV Ireland’s page. These are all fantastic resources for an informed and judgement-free advice.

Because accessing safer-sex testing in the North-West can be problematic for individuals who either rely on public transport or who due to work and life commitments find it difficult to make their appointment every three months we have added details of the Gay Men’s Health Services which operate out of a number of locations across Dublin, with one on Baggot Street specifically open on Thursday mornings between 10am-12pm for a PrEP Monitoring Clinic which may be ideal for some on medications for other issues or unsure of instructions from online sources (which may or may not be stalled in Customs alas!). For more information on these check out our Calendar page. The GMSH PrEP monitoring clinic is located within the GMHS Clinic, Baggot Street Hospital, 18 Upper Baggot Street, Dublin 4 between 10-12pm on Thursdays. Visit their website HERE for more information.

We’d also like to draw your attention to this information booklet provided by Prevention Support Clinic (PSC) in the Mater Hospital in Dublin. The times for meeting may suit commuters to the Capital better. Check out their booklet HERE. Or contact the team there on:

Prevention Support Clinic,
Clinic 6,
Mater Misericordiae University Hospital,
Eccles St,
Dublin 7, Ireland.

Tel: (01) 8032063

  • To register interest in attending the Prevention Support Clinic e-mail:
  • To find out more about the HMRG research at the Mater Hospital e-mail: or Tel: (01) 7164584


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