My Diary of Insufficient Support – Day 0

headshot-colourIsolde Ó Brolcháin-Carmody, is an artist and performer based in County Leitrim, she is one half of the Story Archaeology team and is one of the founding members of 8 Rays Leitrim. As well as helping to volunteer with Northwest LGBT Pride (ceased) and host events as part of our group here, Isolde has also helped to canvas with us during Yes Equality campaign. Isolde can typically be relied upon for a decent cuppa and a chat (which may be less decent but thats usually down to me to be fair!).

However, as the YouTube video below shows managing all of this and keeping connected with the community requires a lot of work in planning and managing time due in no small part to her dual disabilities as a Visually Impaired Person (VIP) and as a wheelchair user.

Take a listen to Isolde’s account of her recent health saga so far below:

Isolde, not that it needs saying but ALL OF US here in 8RL really appreciate all the effort and time you put into supporting the group and the LGBTIQ+ community in the North-West and how you are always looking out for us! We know it’ll be an uphill battle but we stand with you firmly as you pursue the necessary supports that you need to help your recovery.

— Niall Jordan, Coordinator.

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