Proposed Constitution of Leitrim Pride 2022

Leitrim Pride logo with "First Time For Everything" tagline



Leitrim Pride shall be the name of the organisation.  


1. Leitrim Pride aims to reflect equally the diversity within the LGBTQI+ community by encouraging  positive participation from the community in the Leitrim Pride committee and events.  

2. Leitrim Pride aims to organise an LGBTQI+ Pride event in Leitrim.  


1. To ensure the committee reflects the LGBTQI+ community, works in an effective manner and is  both transparent and accountable.  

2. To organise as accessible, as viable and as safe a Leitrim Pride festival as possible/achievable. 

3. To source funding for the future development of Leitrim Pride through grant applications and  fundraising events.  

4. To highlight issues relevant to the LGBTQI+ community through Leitrim Pride’s main festival and  other events.  


1. The membership is open to LGBTQI+ people or those working with the LGBTQI+ community and  who are interesting in organising a Pride festival.  

2. The committee shall consist of a minimum of three (3) members and a maximum of twelve (12).  

3. The committee membership will aim to reflect a gender balance and representation from all  strands of the LGBTQI+ community.  

4. If a committee member misses three consecutive meetings without an apology then the member / may/ be deemed no longer a member of the committee.  

5. New members may be brought onto the committee at any time but must be proposed and  seconded by existing committee members.  

6. Members will be required to sign up the voluntary agreement and abide by the ground rules  and policies and procedures of the committee and be committed to promote it aims and values. 

7. Committee members who do not adhere to this constitution will no longer be deemed a member  of the committee.  


1. The committee will have three key officer positions: 

A. Chairperson – Description of responsibilities: communicating with other groups, chairing  meetings, leading team, making final decisions on tie breaker decisions, etc.  

B. Secretary – Description of responsibilities: minutes, agendas, covering for chair when they are  unavailable, etc.  

C. Treasurer – Description of responsibilities: keeping books, managing accounts etc.  2. Additional officers may be elected as required by the committee such as:  

D. Public Relations Officer (P.R.O) – Description of responsibilities: emails, social media, press  releases, publicising, etc.  

E. Events Chair – Description of responsibilities: organising events, sorting insurance, finding  venues, etc.  

F. Social Media Coordinator – Description of responsibilities: Monitoring and posting on  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, management of key social media campaigns and initiatives, etc.  


1. No decision can be made at committee meetings where a quorum is not present. 

2. A quorum is made up of more than half (>50%) of the committee, or six (6) members of the  committee, which ever is the lesser.  

3. A minimum of six (6) committee meetings will be held each year including the Annual General  Meeting.  


1. The committee will endeavour to reach a consensus on decisions.

2. In the event of this not happening decision will be taken by a majority vote at a meeting with a  quorum. Each committee member, bar the Chair (or Secretary at a meeting where the Chair is not  present), is entitled to one vote. The member must be present to vote. In the event of a tied vote  the Chair (or Secretary at a meeting where the Chair is not present) will have the casting vote.  


1. The committee will hold an AGM each year.  

2. Public notice will be given at least twenty-one (21) days in advance, which will include the time,  date and venue of the AGM. This will also widely be shared across social media platforms.  

3. AGMs will be open to the public.  

4. All committee members will step down at each AGM, but will be eligible for re-election.  

5. Officers who have served for three (3) consecutive years may not be re-elected into the same office  but may be re-elected into another office.  

6. No more than 18 months can pass between AGMs.  


1. An EGM will be called in cases where changes are to be made to the constitution or where there is  misconduct on the part of a member or officer.  

2. EGMs will be open to the public.  

3. An EGM may be called by submitting the reason for the EGM to the chairperson and/or secretary  in a letter signed by no fewer than three (3) members of the committee, or an a majority  agreement of the committee (such as in the case of proposed constitutional changes) 

4. In such an event the committee will be obligated to organise an EGM within twenty-one (21) days,  allowing for a minimum of seven (7) days notice to the public.  

5. This task may be designated to the chairperson or secretary.  


1. A proposal to amend the constitution may be made by the committee, any individual member of  the committee.  

2. The proposal will be placed in the AGM or EGM Agenda of the Organisation. 3. The amendment will be deemed effective if passed by a two thirds (>66%) majority of the meeting.  


1. The committee may participate in relevant national and regional structures.  


1. The committee will keep proper books of accounts, to be kept according to the Financial  Policy of the Leitrim Pride.  


1. The Leitrim Pride committee may only be dissolved by a special meeting called for that purpose.  

2. Such a meeting shall come about following a proposal in writing signed by a majority of those  remaining on the committee. 

3. All members shall be informed, in writing, of such a meeting at least twenty-one (21) days before  the date of the meeting.  

4. Dissolution of the committee shall only take effect if agreed by two thirds (>66%) of the members  present and voting at that meeting.  

5. Any money received via funding bodies should be returned to the funders in relation to the  funding criteria.  

6. Any assets remaining, after meeting liabilities, must be distributed among local LGBTQI+  community group(s) with similar aims of the Leitrim Pride committee. 

7. This group (/these groups) will be nominated during the meeting.  

8. On dissolution, any documents belonging to the committee shall be disposed of in a manner  agreed at that meeting.  


1. A proposal to expel a member of the committee may be made in the event of:  

A. The committee member acting in a manner contrary to the vision and values, aims and  objectives of the Leitrim Pride committee.  

B. Persistent non-attendance at committee meetings or sub-group meetings.  

C. Misuse of funds.  

D. Misconduct including:  

E. Breaching the rules of the constitution  

F. Offensive, abusive behaviour  

2. In the event of member being removed from committee due to misconduct that person will not be  entitled to stand in an election of officers for a minimum of two (2) years. 


1. Each member of the committee or sub-group, whether elected at an AGM, EGM or committee  meeting, will be expected to sign a copy of this constitution and agree to abide by, uphold and act  in accordance with the constitution of the Leitrim Pride committee. 


Ratified: DD / MM / YYYY  

Updated on: DD / MM / YYYY

Downloadable copy is available below in PDF format otherwise contact

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