8 Rays Leitrim is a group run by and for members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex communities with the support of our families and friends. 

Our Story in Brief…

Originally formed in 2012 as ‘LGBT Leitrim’ using online platforms such as Facebook and Twitter we have since grown into a group that meets regularly in Leitrim.

In 2015 members of the LGBTI Leitrim group offered their support to the Yes Equality Campaign in order to canvass for a Yes Vote in the Marriage Equality Referendum.

As 8 Rays Leitrim we aim to offer more activities and events for members of the LGBTQI community and our friends and family in the coming months and years.

Colour and Pride! – how we got our name…

When it came to rebranding as 8 Rays Leitrim we were a little stuck for ideas to be fair. The wider LGBTIQ community has always taken immense pride and strength in the acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer identities, with more and more expressions of gender and sexual identity and fluidity joining in the so-called ‘alphabet soup’ moniker we found it interesting to look at LGBTIQ for inspiration but nothing seemed to quite us.

Looking at the origins of the Rainbow symbolism based on the 6-rayed Pride Flag. The 6 colours in the modern Pride Flag include;

  • Red = life,
  • Orange = healing,
  • Yellow = sun,
  • Green = nature,
  • Indigo = harmony,
  • Violet = spirit
origina pride flag
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In 1978, Gilbert Baker designed the flag with these six colours and another two; hot pink for sexuality and turquoise for art (both were deemed too expensive for commercial reproduction however). In the “commercial” or 6-rayed version the flag is usually flown with red on top as it would be in a natural rainbow.

The symbol of the rainbow itself is a powerful one that resonates with many people from a wide array of backgrounds and speaks to our shared diversity as people. As such, we at 8 Rays Leitrim wanted to share some of this with our friends and family in Leitrim as well as those in the LGBTIQ community.

A Little About Leitrim…

leitrim flag
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County Leitrim has a strong LGBT-friendly ethos as a county and its time to let that shine. We have been delighted with the supports offered from local people, businesses and community groups in recent months and aim to develop this for raising awareness of the county and all it has to offer.