Australia votes 61.1pc in Favour of Same-Sex Marriage

How the States and Territories voted can be broken down below, overall 61.1% of the eligible voters voted in favour of the law in Australia to be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry. 61.1% equals 7,817,247 people in favour in comparison to 38.4% (4,873,987) against.   New South Wales (NSW) equals 57.8% to 42.2% … Continue reading Australia votes 61.1pc in Favour of Same-Sex Marriage

Vigil in Solidarity with Orlando

We are heartbroken at the senseless loss of life in Orlando, FL. where 53 people have lost their lives when a homophobic gunman opened fire, taking many hostage. Many more remain injured and hurt following the attack. So many happy, carefree people just living their lives trying to create safe spaces for themselves and others, … Continue reading Vigil in Solidarity with Orlando

Listen: Longford LGBT, YesEquality Longford, Roscommon & Leitrim

Niall Jordan from Yes Equality Leitrim was interviewed by Deirdre O’Byrne on the foundational moves by Yes Equality Leitrim as we all enjoyed the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations with the folks from Longford LGBT.

Thanks to Deirdre O’Byrne (Eile Magazine) and to Declan Donohoe (Longford LGBT / YesEquality Longford) for a wonderful day and allowing YesEquality Leitrim to weigh in on the day! 🙂

EILE Magazine

EILE’s Deirdre O’Byrne reports from Longford shortly after the Longford LGBT group took part in the local St. Patrick’s Day parade, as well as chatting to members of the Longford and Roscommon branches of YesEquality.

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